Manchester’s answer to Martina Cole the new “Voice of the North”

Karen Woods

Coming Soon - Torn......

About Karen

Karen was born and raised in the City of Manchester and is proud to be a Mancunian!  Being raised within an Inner City Area, inspired Karen to take an unorthodox and very well received approach within her writing.

Karen left school without any formal qualifications and obtained her inspiration from attending an adult literacy course which was offered by her former employers.
Karen writes from the heart and always keeps it real to life and she writes about subjects we can all relate too. Having lived a colourful life she uses her own experiences to write her books. Her fan base is growing every day and soon everyone will know the name Karen Woods. Karen believes that everyone has the power to change their lives around with self belief and determination. “Life doesn’t give. We have to take what we want.”
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“If you do what you have always done. You’ll get what you have always got.”

No. 1 Best seller!

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