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Karen Woods

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Karen on Domestic Abuse

Karen Woods is passionate about raising awareness of the subject of domestic abuse. She is particularly passionate about teenagers in relation to abusive relationships and doesn’t feel enough is done by schools to raise awareness of this issue. Often, people experiencing abuse believe it is their fault and can be embarrassed to discuss the issue with their friends and family. It isn’t your fault and you are not responsible for any kind of abuse.  It’s a lot more common than you think - let’s take a look at the national statistics;

According to the Home Office:

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse within their relationship, please encourage them to talk to someone about it - it could be someone at school, a teacher, learning mentor or someone you trust. Sadly, domestic abuse is more common that you think.

Kerry Reddy

‘Healty Relationships is a new book which helps us to identify abusive relationships. It provides practical help and advice together with contact details of agencies who can help.

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Solutions for domestic abuse is a new company providing books and training on domestic abuse.  Please click on a book cover below to take you to their web site.